5 26 2015


7:54:36 AM: Dreamt of playing this game with Andy that started out seeming pretty simple. I started as a little dwarf in a wooden fort and I had to defeat some goblins, but by the time I handed the game over to Andy because I wanted to switch off with him we had the ability to fly by shooting flames out of our feet and we looked like a huge demon dude that wrecked everything. I also dreamed of eating pizza with a bunch of hackNY people.

7:55:46 AM: So today I finally got the labcorp testing done. A whole lot of fuss for nothing, the whole procedure took only seven minutes. It didn’t seem very scientific because they totally weighed me with all of my stuff still in my pocket and they had me measure my own waist. Anyway, I would like to see my results, particularly for blood pressure and other factors. Should prove interesting. I felt a little disappointed that last night I didn’t get to have a class with Josh, but I understand how busy he must feel with moving. I decided not to go to tonight’s class with Cameron, doesn’t seem like the best return on my time. I would like to spend more time with Daria before she leaves because I will miss her. And I would like to move some stuff with her to Bedstuy so that I don’t have to take as much in Josh’s vehicle, because if they will only have the same car that I’ve already seen tat they borrow from pippa it actually doesn’t have too much space, and I don’t know how much of their own stuff they have moved or haven’t moved already. I hope that the house has internet already because it would suck to move in there if it didn’t. It feels good to have some time to journal again. I wonder if I will hear back from Scott, my recruiter at Google today since he should have come back from the holiday today. Not that I got yesterday off, because DBC doesn’t stop for holidays or anything really. Except that time it stopped for the blizzard. Last night while packing I found some old notes of mine from the summer I started working at Sailthru as n intern and I found them pretty interesting. I had a pretty long spell to summon U and I wrote a very melancholy and heartfelt little story about a lonely man who missed his true love because he spent too much time dreaming.