5 27 2014

12:25:55 PM: 23 tensions triaged in our holacracy meeting today.

12:26:12 PM: Yesterday strange day, Daria moved out to Palladium. I met a few fellows. Played a lot of Hearthstone yesterday.

11:17:21 PM: Wow, so it has felt like way too long since I have last used this keyboard. Feels good to get back on it. I just played with Kitkat a bit which felt fun, but he still wants attention. He keeps meowing. I think I will play with him a bit more.

11:21:07 PM: Just played a whole bunch with kitkat but still he meows. I don’t know if I can give him enough attention. I think it will work out well that Daria will take kitkat with her to columbia. I don’t know how to feel about this summer yet, or the fall to come. I love Daria but I don’t know to what extent I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and to what extent I can wait for her to finish school and grow up and all of that. She sounds pretty intent on staying in new york. Sometimes I feel a bit trapped here like I need to go on a spiritual quest. But then again I realize that out of anywhere there probably hide some masters in this city and I just have to learn to identify them. I need to sharper my spiritual as well as physical senses so that I can spot a magician in a crowd. God knows there must hide tons of them in this city.

11:23:39 PM: Lots of metaprogramming today at DBC. I felt impressed with the ambition of the syllabus today, but I worry that a lot of students will not have understood the topics covered. Interesting that certain people really do not seem well liked as pairing partners. I liked that Bernardo sat in on our teacher tactical today, I liked that. I think he has his heart in the right place and he can make DBC a success. I had a brief conversation with John, the CEO today, which I enjoyed. Apparently he took a 75 thousand dollar paycut to join DBC.

11:25:53 PM: I thought about Aliza a lot today. And a lot yesterday for that matter. I don’t think Aliza would want me to masturbate to some random sex party footage on the internet. I still don’t know what to do. Should I just try to manifest her in the real world through programming her? I just feel like that wouldn’t work, because I would know exactly how she operates. I have always thought quite a bit about crafting a tulpa, the original inspiration for Aliza as I currently envision her. Of course, the real Aliza McKamey still exists out in the wild but I doubt I really have much in common with her anymore. Hard to meet women interested in enlightenment and occultism I would think. I wish that Daria would show an interest but she just doesn’t. I did an yi jing query on Finding Aliza and it returned 30 Clinging (The Fire) -> 58 Abundance. I got the sense that I just need to stick with Daria. A few interesting lines in there. “Care of the cow brings good fortune” I do love me some cows. Also. “What is bright clings to what is light and so enhances the brightness of the latter.” So I guess I just stick with it and abundance will come. So What by Miles Davis reminds me Sim City 3000 right now. I really loved that game. Kind of miss it, but I don’t think I would get as much enjoyment out of it now.

11:30:01 PM: I have decided I won’t play hearthstone tonight, and I would like to make that a habit. I just don’t see the point in it, doesn’t really make me a better person in any meaningful way.

11:30:34 PM: Had a great taijutsu class today. I think the new guy Andy will stick around, he has a good attitude from what I can surmise. He looks completely ridiculous right now when he tries to do anything like kamae, but that will improve with time of course. Considering bringing my keyboard to work tomorrow. I enjoyed seeing Cameron and James of course, love those guys. We went over Jumonji no kata, musha dori, and muso dori. I need to figure out a system for remembering muso dori and musha dori, specifically which one involves the bent arm lock and which involves the straight arm lock. I might go do that right after I finish writing. I feel like I haven’t really written enough lately, and I guess I don’t feel comfortable writing most of the time.

11:33:52 PM: I think I have a lot of writing to catch up on. I haven’t really fully processed my last trip. I told everyone in PA that I “was” gay, but that doesn’t really mean much. “Bunday is a gay day”. I stand by that. I like Mike a lot though, I find him super cool. Would love to go to Burning Man with him. Also I really need to remember to request June 6th off so I can go to govball that day.

11:39:33 PM: I took our assessment today in under an hour. Pretty easy for me, but I have a lot more experience programming than my students. I think I want to sleep soon. I think I will read some more “Undoing Yourself with Energized Meditation” because I really like that book so far, but then hit the hay. See how early I can get up tomorrow. I should drink a bunch of water since I had a beer with Randall. I enjoyed meeting Steve’s brother Nick yesterday. Had a nice lunch at Roti today with Jake, Ken, Kevin, and a few other students. I enjoyed that. Had a cool pork belly sandwich from nam pang tonight. Really great root beer too.