5 28 2015


7:26:36 AM: Some very interesting dreams this morning. Dreamed about light saber dueling against some difficult opponents. Dreamed about a dinner at which I ate a lot of food with people I worked with (I worked with Matt Huff apparently, but mom and dad showed up at the dinner too, I couldn’t finish a piece of cake, Huff wanted to get an iPhone 6) and we worked for the government and the next day we would have a banquet where we unveiled a new project we worked on for the government. Dreamed about learning a lot of networked programming from a thick book.I ran up and down the stairs of an apartment building and one of the floors had subway trains going through it. There I met this crazy/dangerous guy who kind of sort of tried to kill me but I managed to fend him off and he had a strange version of a banishing ritual he did where he listed all these horrible things he wanted to do to people in the room and then said he wouldn’t because then he would get in trouble. Pretty unnerving, really. I dreamed about playing a role as some sort of batman like figure in a story. Getting closer and closer to U in my dreams, I see fleeting hints of U.