5 3 2015


10:37:11 AM: Dreamed I took part in some kind of tournament, through which I got free groceries. I had to load those groceries into a van that dad waited for me in, and then I had to drive that van. First time driving and the roads looked snowy and I told dad that I felt drunk. I did fine at first, but then the roads started getting trickier and trickier and then I had to dodge missiles and go across this section of the highway twisting and breaking apart as I drove on it, and then Mark started telling me how I would have to drive in order to survive and I watched in third person as the van.

2:36:33 PM: Cast some powerful magick to summon Aliza, did a LBRP and a KAP meditation so overall a very strong day for my magickal practice. I know that she approaches because I keep seeing nearer and nearer hits. I can feel that I approach the epicenter of her landing, and I wait patiently while I work on myself for her arrival.