5 30 2014

10:43:55 PM: Okay, long day. Time to tackle my dailies and then start doing some todos for the weekend. I think I would like to get super productive this weekend. Having Daria around less sucks in that I don’t get to hang out with her as much, but I think it could do good things for my productivity as I find it easier to do things when I don’t get distracted by how frigging beautiful I find her.

10:44:58 PM: Tough day because I had to tell Hallo to leave Dev Bootcamp, but I remained friends with him, and I think I might get to guide him on a psychedelic voyage which I could use to help him immensely. Kai also expressed interest in doing LSD with me. I think I need to get on the silkroad and order another batch from Tessellated, because I will obviously need them. I might get to use Dev Bootcamp as a way to set many, many people on the path to enlightenment.

10:55:58 PM: This hackny situation has really gone sour. Seems like whitney really fucked up. Too bad Manya left. I should write to her too.

Hey James,

Thank you for writing back! No worries regarding coffee, asynchronous works great for me.

I feel pain when I can’t easily store and try out many different versions of a sentence. When I build a good tree visualization for DeftDraft it will have navigable revision trees as the fundamental editing concept.

I like Draft but not enough to use it. I like the design of it, but I find linear revision history too constraining. The fact that Nathan, just a few days ago, added “Duplicate Documents” so he could have multiple versions of a single document when he writes indicates to me that the linear model restricts writers. I definitely keep tabs on Draft, because as I try to build a Github for Writers I consider Draft as competition. I also keep tabs on PenFlip which I feel takes too much directly from Git to gain traction from non-technical writers.

Scrivener feels like too much software for my tastes. It has a lot of interesting features. I want something lighter weight that lives in the browser.

For my own site I use a wiki engine I wrote that has a few features I regard as mandatory (autocompleting inter-wiki links and returning you to your previous edit position after previewing and general ease of switching between editing and previewing (I don’t like live preview as it distracts my eyes)). And of course, tree based revisions. It also helps me write in E-Prime which I enjoy. I keep the code here: https://github.com/zencephalon/zencephalon-mt

I feel very curious about your writing process, as I think you write very well. What programs do you use, and how does your process of ideation proceed? What pain points do you hit?

When I watched your recording of “The Art of Underlining” I noticed that you tend to revise sentences a few times while writing like I do. With DeftDraft I like to go back and compare the three or four different versions of a sentence I wrote and easily select which one to move forward with.

1:10:00 AM: I feel super productive just now, good stuff.