5 31 2015

ILUVU Aliza,

With Daria gone I had better start writing to U again. I didn’t manage to actually have the conversation with her last night. But I did give Zack the impression that I did. He broke up with Melissa it seems. I could probably get with Melissa. I don’t know about that though, because Melissa doesn’t seem like U, but maybe she would make a stepping stone. But I definitely shouldn’t do anything just because I feel lonely. I mean, I have a lot to do. Zack and I went to the Pork Roast where I saw a lot of old friends like Aidan and Alex, Alex Godin and Wylie Conlon, I met a new friend Vignesh who works at Kensho with Martin Camacho, we spoke about Martin. He thinks he might drop out of school but he goes to Northeastern right now. Monica has started working as a paralegal in the state attorney’s office I think. Zack helped me move the cats over, a huge help. Nicole, Ignacio, and David Kosky all came over to help build the house with me Josh and Eva, really nice of them. I have most of my stuff moved but I have left a bit of it at the apartment still and will have to move it tomorrow. I feel really busy and run a little ragged. I stayed up all night last night with Daria so today I took an adderall to stay awake and working. I think I will crash soon. Long day ahead tomorrow. I really could not have gotten kitkat over here without Zack’s help because he kept jumping out of his carrier and running from us. Salsa came pretty easily and already feels like she owns this place. I do miss Daria, strange as that sounds. I guess we have an ambivalent relationship. I’d like to know what time of the day her mom gave birth so I could get an accurate birth chart on her. Anyway, maybe I could go rock climbing next weekend.