5 4 2015


10:48:58 AM: Dreamt of having a lot of trouble filling out a receipt in order to tip the woman working the cash register. Dreamt of a big LAN party with a lot of DBC people who should have gone to work. Dreamt of a crazy car racing game that one of them played.

Challenge Spotlight: Therapist

ILUVU Teachers + Curriculum,

Here in NYC we have developed several new challenges that I believe represent significant improvements. With curriculum busy working on assessments I will inform U about these new challenges and why we have found success with them. I hope to inspire U to incorporate some (if not all) of these into your phase guides, as I know U have the best intentions in mind for your students.

Therapist Challenge (https://github.com/Devbootcamp/therapist-challenge)

I strongly recommend replacing the Deaf Grandma challenge in Phase 1 with this Therapist challenge. They hit upon the same learning competencies, but Therapist has a much broader potential. I’ve seen students really go wild with, starting to research natural language processing and other fun techniques. Deaf Grandma struck many of our students as both ageist and ableist, Therapist does not have either of those problems. In fact, Therapist gets people thinking in a positive frame of mind.

I think U will all agree that the Therapist challenge poses a much more interesting and intellectually engaging set of problems than Deaf Grandma. I like Cheering Mascot too, and I feel glad to have it as an option thanks to Kevin and Torey’s efforts. I certainly consider it an improvement over Deaf Grandma. I like Therapist even better because it introduces a bit of famous CS history and it feels less contrived and rule bound to me.