5 6 2014

9:10:33 AM: Dreamed I met Krishnan’s friends from before he went to Harvard. He came home to visit his family, and I guess I came with. While he stayed inside the house to talk to his family I met his friends outside. They talked about how he drank and smoked a lot at Harvard and that they felt like he didn’t respect them anymore.

Weird porn in my parent’s house checked out from the library??

Going to a chapter meeting at a burger king with my dad, very awkward. Left on a strange train ride, pursued by magical creatures.

Josh Hickman, Lisa, and Andy in a dream. Lisa and Andy in a bathroom telling me how they get some people to join them in the bedroom occasionally. Taking photos of a very big spider and some strange insects and posting them online. Really, really strange porn. Josh very socially awkward, trying to get laid.

3:01:17 PM: Coming back to Sailthru to work feels kind of weird, but it seems fine. Getting a lot more done here than I think I would have at home, so probably a good call.

8:43:40 PM: Great class with James, Anthony, and Cameron. Cameron showed us a bunch of old school variations on ura and oni-kudaki. Ura has improved. I have to keep things on the line better. Particularly my head, because that will help me keep his hand on the line. The gyaku requires getting his hand to a 90 degree angle with the arm, maintaing that angle while torquing the hand.