5 8 2015


11:28:56 AM: Dreamed of a creepy institute of magick and a cult inside it called the cult of the death dragon. The cult would go around sexually abusing it, and some powerful members of the school got involved. Me and my friend tried to fight them off and avoid them as best we could. I remember our rooms seemingly like little cells with transparent glass walls on one side and wood on the other edges. We ran down a spiraling square staircases where the squares slowly rotated on each other.

4:49:06 PM: I have faith. A lot of signs today. Feeling existentially angsty though. Haven’t done much today, haven’t resolved to do anything, don’t really feel like doing anything. Don’t even particularly want to go to either of the parties tonight. I don’t know what I feel like doing, not sure why I feel this way. Drumming felt good though, maybe I will do some more drumming. But I did also get some new books to read, so I think I will do that.