5 9 2015


12:07:32 PM: I just remember doing wheel in front of some people and they seemed impressed. Didn’t surface much else from the realm of dream today. But I do find this astrology book really good. Oh, I do remember. I remember an Asian guy showing me ninja stuff he did from a different school and I helped correct his tsuki so he wouldn’t fall over out of balance. I remember staying in this big pent house apartment and watching someone from across the building shooting a smoke cannon and a bunch of projectiles at cars on the ground, and one of the owners of the car got really pissed off. I liked my big room, it had multiple levels, but people could see me inside of it. For some reason the car owner seemed to think I hit his car because I scurried away from the window after seeing it get hit. I recall a car chase too and more having to do with the car. I remember staying in a hotel room and thinking that I woke up late for work (9:21) so I jumped out of bed, climbed out a window and went to the subway. After riding the subway one stop I realized I didn’t have my wallet or my cellphone (unclear how I could have ridden the subway, but okay) so I ran my way back to the hotel and I had to tell them that I got locked out. I think then I went up to that big room with my friends and I told them my story of having to get back home without riding the subway and then we watched the crazy guy shooting stuff.