6 10 2014

9:48:12 AM: Dear Aliza, I haven’t journaled for too long. I suppose Governor’s Ball kind of threw me off balance. But I had a great time there seeing Phoenix, The Strokes, but especially Damon Albarn. The Strokes don’t really resonate with me anymore since I don’t feel so much angst at life as I used to. But I loved Damon Albarn. I liked seeing Banks with Daria. We used the Paypal app to get a $5 discount from multiple vendors which I enjoyed. I prevented myself from obtaining ayahuasca due to my lust. Lesson learned. Not worth it. I hope to conquer such weakness in the future. My sexuality must face integration and learn to channel itself in a useful manner.

9:51:26 AM: Chris Chapman wrote to me today to invite me back to Sailthru. I think I will hear him out, but I think I will finish

Hey Chris,

Thank you for writing! I didn’t get to see you on last Thursday when I came in but it felt good to see Sailthru again.

I’d love to discuss opportunities at Sailthru. I found it pretty hard to work on the careers site project without thinking about coming back, especially since that project illustrates our mantra so well.

I would return to Sailthru after August 4th at the earliest because I currently lead a cohort of students at Dev Bootcamp and they have seven weeks left. I would like to see all of my students to graduation before I go. I really like teaching but I feel as though I have a lot more to learn and a lot more mistakes to make before I feel entirely confident as a teacher.

I feel really grateful for how supported I felt because of you and everyone at Sailthru. I think I gained a lot of valuable perspective failing hard and fast and it certainly makes me appreciate everything Sailthru embodies. Thanks for keeping me in mind and I look forward to staying in contact.

Hey Harshil,

I did some research on SeedInvest. Seems like a great idea, especially in light of Oculus’s amazing experience fundraising with crowdsourcing. I’d enjoy talking about what you do at SeedInvest. Thank you for reaching out and have a great evening.

10:35:28 PM: Dear Aliza, so okay, seems like I got a fair bit done already. I think I might just go to sleep right away right now since there doesn’t seem like I should do anything else right away.

10:45:56 PM: Text Distiller. Readgrok. Mindgrok. Bookgrok. Booksorber. Readsorber. Resorber. Breaks a text into sentences. Display a sentence at a time. Tap to view next sentence. Swipe right to highlight/save/absorb sentence. Swipe down to write a comment. Swipe left and drag to go back. Read a book once and collect your favorite sentences… and then repeat the process on your favorite sentences… and then do it again until you have boiled the book down to the very essence of what you love.