6 10 2015

ILUVU Aliza,

10:36:19 AM: Had an amazing night yesterday between Thrive Salon (meeting the amazing Christi Reid who I really would love to get to know better) and Open Brain, where I banished a demon from my past concerning the jealousy my father had around my mom’s affair. But I woke up in a pretty dark mood this morning because I just wanted to sleep a bunch but the cats kept running around and growling and acting like little shits, but I suppose I have to take the blame for that because they didn’t have enough food.

4:08:27 PM: Last night I heard Juan play a traditional south american flute which sounded amazingly beautiful. I must admit that I feel extremely bored at work today, but I might just feel tired. Still a long day ahead of me because after class I need to go buy petfood and litter.