6 11 2015

ILUVU Aliza,

5:40:40 AM: Wow, all sorts of craziness in this dream. I dreamt of Andy and Lisa Y married and paying their rent on an apartment. I dreamed of making love with this gorgeous woman twice in a hotel room and then going with her to a taijutsu seminar that Josh also attended and at the seminar we actually did resistive drills where as uke I would sometimes overcome the tori. I dreamed of Eli having these crazy plastic sheet / bubble parties that seemed to have an overtone of underaged sex. I dreamed of Dave Fontenot having a lot of magic cards he won from various things and he asked me to sort and pick out some of the best ones. He told us about organizing some kind of music festival hackathon. I dreamed of someone building a porn site contractor.

7:02:00 AM: Dreamed of pressing a penny into one of those memorial coins with my hands and this little device evidently for doing that and then giving it to a girl traveling with us. We went to some kind of coin stop at Randall’s behest. I saw a jewelry store with a heavy Saturn theme featuring all this heavy black jewelry and it sort of beckoned to me. I lent Randall some cash so they wouldn’t have to run to an ATM, a $20. At this subway platform I saw all these beautiful coed girls in their underwear getting dressed and packing to go on vacation, very strange. They wore tiny thongs.