6 25 2014

Dear Aliza,

Good to have you in my life again. Today I really felt your presence again. I have a lot of questions lately, so I think I might to do some divination to help sort out my thoughts. Today I got a call from George that I have an offer from Sailthru, and I gave a verbal yes… but yesterday I did receive a $10k raise from Dev Bootcamp. I don’t really know what I want. Sometimes I feel like I don’t really bring much value to Dev Bootcamp because people should totally just figure this stuff out on their own, but on the other hand I can really relieve frustration. And I really like the “matto” (neologism, hee) that I came up with yesterday, “Aspire to Inspire” which I find a funny pun on breathing along with a cool way to live life. I think that acting as a life coach would feel really enjoyable, mostly I just like to care about people’s lives and help them out so getting paid to do so would bring me a lot of joy.

I had a good time in the park practicing taijutsu by myself, seems like I got there just a bit too late to see Donovan. I did some bojutsu and taijutsu and just a little bit of ken jutsu by myself. I practice chi, sui, ka, and qi no katas but I felt like I have a lot of work to do still, obviously true.

Had a great time sitting in the park listening to the Blue Funk Orchestra, GREAT drum and sax duo. So energetic, lots of great improv! They improved on “my favorite things” which I loved. Great day to spend some time in the park.

I have started reading Dwight’s novel again. I find it pretty enjoyable so far. I think that I should start doing more writing again, and I think that I could find that very enjoyable now that I have a pretty ergonomic writing setup. It feels very clear to me that I have to get better at typing again, but that shouldn’t take too long for me to accomplish. And I think that I will really enjoy it.

Maybe I should work on some kind of programming project a bit tonight. I really like the idea of using localstorage to start building apps that do not have a backend. I find that pretty cool. Makes developing a lot less of a pain I think.