6 26 2014

Dear Aliza,

I had a pretty great day today, despite the rough start. I guess I have learned to better distance myself from events and allow my natural genius to shine through despite tough starts.

I briefly taught meditation today, but it devolved into a Q&A session. But I think I found that productive too, because I had the opportunity to espouse a lot of my philosophy.

I think people appreciated the joke I wrote, and I enjoyed giving it. And I had a good time giving lectures today too, but I still wish that Tanner and I could coordinate ahead of time about what lecture topics we would discuss so that I could come in prepared.

I have decided that the next EE’s will consist of “The L Word”, where we get comfortable saying “I love you” and we share our dreams and aspirations. And another will consist of reprogramming the superego where we hypnotize each other as a group.