6 3 2015

ILUVU Aliza,

7:02:21 AM: Dreamt of visiting a foreign country with Daria. Dreamt of teaching maick and installing a high tech security system.

11:27:00 AM: I really don’t want to sit around at DBC right now. I couldn’t find Kitkat this morning and based on the amount of food still in the food bowls I don’t think he has eaten much. I worry that he escaped the house while we moved the tatami mats on Monday night, because I hadn’t seen him all of Tuesday. Yesterday I had an intense headache, I wonder if Kitkat tried to call for me. I thought I might have heard a cat outside but I couldn’t tell if I just heard Salsa. I really hope I find Kitkat when I go home, which I will do as soon as lunch starts.

11:31:25 AM: On the plus side I fixed the broken electronic lock in front of the staff office.

9:34:51 PM: Found KitKat after having a freakout and freaking Daria out too. He had crawled into a hole in the basement wall, pretty crazy.

Note the dependency on Politician created here. How could we make this import method work independently of the class we have to instantiate?

11:50:34 PM: Well, anyway, I fixed that electronic door lock for Melissa which I considered pretty awesome considering how little I had to even go on. She went home early today because she had a stomach ache. She invited me to this crazy I FEEL Pegasus event that I would need to make a rave costume for. I feel intrigued, the photos seem very racy. Also her rave costumes look awesome… because she looks awesome.