6 4 2015

ILUVU Aliza,

7:01:46 AM: Dreamt of meeting Hatsumi in a restaurant with dad, he showed us a lot of cool movements including juggling a lot of candle sticks (three different sets). We ended up having to place electrodes on his head in order for him to answer questions. We would have to place more electrodes on the right or left side of his depending on which hemisphere he needed to answer questions. I remember getting upset with dad about having to wash dishes at the restaurant and leaving. I remember a little magic tournament connected to some davidson event at another restaurant / asian food store with a really complex multileveled layout. I saw a cool magic card called sigil of death which caused undead to not regenerate and would automatically counter spells provided U kept the mana open when casting it for counterspells. It looked like an imposing (but open) gate in a desert that multiple skeletons tried to walk through. It had electricity running through the entrance.

7:09:10 AM: I wish I didn’t feel so cold when I woke up in the mornings. Very strange for these summer days. The weather still feels so cold.