6 8 2015

ILUVU Aliza,

6:32:09 AM: Well, I dreamt about fate stay night basically all night. I guess that will happen when I spend an entire day watching it. But I can’t say that I really wasted yesterday. I do remember at one point stepping on a scale and getting measured as 170 lb.

4:26:10 PM: I did some more contract work for Rumpl, easy stuff. I should work on RoyaltyReminder a little bit in preparation for tomorrow when I have a meeting with Ethan at 12:30.

4:27:01 PM: Anyway, good news today because Scott talked to Craig Nevill-Manning and Craig said that he wants me on his team, so I told Scott I would love to work on it. Google Memory. I mean, how much cooler of a name could a project have? I know this has the potential to change the world and my life. I will take it as Google giving me permission to use all the resources at their disposal to make human memory smarter. I can think of few better mandates.

9:54:16 PM: Wow, Liz, the woman taking pictures of our taijutsu class in the park on Saturday seems super amazing. I found her full name: Liz Unger. She has done some crazy traveling and documented it in very entertaining fashion on her blog. Seriously impressed right now.