7 17 2014

12:30:38 AM: So, I don’t know quite how to summarize today except to say that it felt really long. And I should go pack some headphones right now because I will have an interview with Mat Brown from Rap Genius tomorrow at 1 pm. Great thing that my one on one with Lloyd ends right before that.

12:31:48 AM: I think I want to make the “Please plagiarize me” into a link to a longer post, that way I can make my footer shorter. I would like that. And I should link to all of my articles from the front page. I would like that too.

12:32:39 AM: And I just found a bug…

12:39:30 AM: Okay, this should work much better now. Perfect.

12:39:43 AM: So Neil emailed me today, apparently he heard that Sailthru would get me back and got excited, wanted to offer me some contract work to do while I wait to join. Said four to five hours, I don’t know about that, but we will see. I emailed with Ethan again today… arranged that interview that I will have tomorrow. I feel like I need to go to sleep soon, and maybe take some modafinil tomorrow so I don’t feel too crazy tired. Maybe take modafinil tomorrow and on Friday. Daria will go home, and I will have the house to myself and I have a lot to do. On Friday I have Bond St. and then Hope X, so I will have a lot to do.

I will have a lot of options to consider in the future, I think I will have to create a bidding war between a few different places I interview at.

So today on the way to Dos Toros Daria got upset because we ran into Ann and Sam after they had gone to get froyo. I guess at some point I let go of Daria’s hand, although I felt like she hid behind me which I found weird. Anyway, she got angry and didn’t want to go with me to the game night, which I went to and had a lot of fun. Daria apologized a bunch after midnight, seems she had some time to collect herself and feel better about it. In fairness, she has a period right now, so I understand that she has some hormones coursing through her system. I just wish she wouldn’t act jealous, I really find it one of the most unattractive things a girl can do. Oh well. I feel like I will have a lot of women chasing after me for most of my life, since I do have a lot of great qualities, so someone who wants to stick with me will have to have a tolerance for that.

I want to do some tarot spreads sometime and figure out some stuff about my future. I think tomorrow night I should attend DBCx, because I think Jen Meyers will do a great job as a speaker. I think she has a semi-fame in the tech community? Idk for sure though. But she will talk about beginner’s mind, which I find very important. And I don’t have much better to do tomorrow beyond going to ignacio’s class. Which maybe I should do on second thought. Or maybe just come home and enjoy some time to myself to do some magick. I think that I should start doing it whenever I get the chance to, when I feel alone.

I had a good time eating Armen’s cooking today. And a good meeting today. And I kept falling asleep in Rebecca’s lectures which I feel bad about, but not super bad about.