7 18 2014

Dear Aliza,

12:40:06 AM: Just the two of us today. Daria has gone home to see her mom, and I hope she has a great time there.

Interesting tarot reading today. A whole lot of wands, and the Princess of Wands. I wonder who she represents. I feel like I wanted to ask about my career but really ended up asking about something else. I got the hermit and the ace of wands among the more notable cards. Also ruin, the 10 of swords.

I had a surprisingly easy interview with Genius today, but it seems like Mat Brown liked me already, so he went pretty easy. I learned about max_by, which I really love. Ruby really has some great stuff built in to the standard library. I didn’t get a chance to practice taijutsu today which I feel bad about.

Today talking to Brandon made me feel slightly insecure about how little sparing we do, but I don’t know if I should really feel that way. They spar, but they have a lot of rules about what they can and can’t do that just don’t apply to ninjas. So I don’t know if I really find it a fair comparison. I do think I might enjoy also going to a BJJ gym, though.

Had dinner with people from DBC after the DBCx event. Had a nice time talking to Courtney and Kimberly and Erin, and to a lesser extent to Brandon and Jen. I talked about my vision for Athena to handle communication within a tribe.

Still felt really tired today, hoping I can catch up on sleep tonight, but I need to get to bed soon to do so.

Genius has worked on a lot of ideas I have, so I think we will have some interesting topics of conversation to go over. Like they really have worked on problems that I have too, and interestingly I think I might have some better solutions than they do on certain problems, so I find that pretty interesting. I will love to see what they get up to. I think the commute might prove difficult, but I wouldn’t mind getting $1k cash from them and a better number to take to Sailthru, although the rest of the perks at genius sound pretty nice, Sailthru has nice perks too. Especially how close Sailthru gets.

Going to meet with Payton from Bond St tomorrow so I think that will prove interesting. And then straight off to hope. I think I should find some electronic way to present my tickets so I don’t have to print them.

Vivek has hooked me up with his ayahausca circle, which I feel really excited about. It sounds like they really take the spiritual side of it seriously. I can pay for it with the LSD money I got from Dinesh.

Okay, I think I’ve probably done enough journaling for tonight.

Oh yeah, I want to work on craftycritiquer some more now that I actually know how to use Rails, or at least Sinatra. Really shouldn’t prove too difficult, and I would find it a great tool to have. So yeah, I should work on that and Reader.

8:49:59 AM: Strange and interesting dreams this morning. Dreamed that police came and forcibly removed Daria and I from our small apartment, and we had to move a few blocks down… into a larger apartment, so that worked out pretty well in our favor. Plus we moved right next to Wiley. I looked through someone’s photo album and they had a lot of really sexy photos in it. Some kind of game we played. Kitkat and a collection of little knickknacks. Doing some kind of assessment in Chinese. My family showed up. Getting high with Steve Gattuso at his apartment. Eating dinner at Wiley’s apartment with Aidan and a WHOLE bunch of interesting old people who all introduced themselves to me really rapidly. A bookshelf full of interesting books on magic and martial arts, and the owner of the apartment showing me kindness.

9:05:32 AM: Did Dr. Morris’s KAP yesterday night. Had a good time doing it, felt really good. This time when it came to concentrating on the root chakra I took that to mean try to get the stiffest erection possible. I got pretty far. It seems that I should learn how to have an erection at will, and probably how to shrink an erection at will, that way I will have mastered my libido.

9:06:52 AM: In my dreams I really liked the photos I saw in the album, they had a strong impression on me. I don’t know who the photos had the likeness of, I don’t think I’ve met them.

I really enjoy having the word counter actually working now. I think that if I can get to say, 300,000 words written all in E-Prime then I will have a pretty good grasp on it. And if I keep mentally enunciating what I write, then I will have a lot of practice avoiding using E-Prime in my thoughts. Then hopefully it will translate into my speech and I can avoid using “is”. Jen used a lot of “is” in her talk yesterday and she sounded very confused logically at a lot of points, which I find understandable… using “is” for non-magical purposes can do that to a person. Although in fairness to her, she did try to use it magically, from what I could tell. The delivery just didn’t quite cut it that time.