7 19 2014

Dear Aliza,

2:19:31 AM: I have had a most excellent day. A lot has happened, actually.

Let me start from the beginning, and I had best hurry because I need to sleep soon as the laundry finishes.

I went in and talked to Peyton Sherwood at Bond Street. I think we had a good conversation. Honestly it didn’t seem like they had much going on in terms of tech. Just a lot of Django. I don’t think I can get very enthusiastic about the programming challenges there, although I did think that the architecture for long term scaling held some interesting possibilities. I mentioned mongo and neo4j and such. Seems like Peyton hadn’t used them. Interesting to hear. Peyton had hired Andrew Hitti.

Realizing right now that I want my wiki to work more like a wiki and I need to radically rethink this whole venture. I want to have a page for everyone, like Peyton.


Then we went to HOPE. And honestly, I didn’t get very much out of it, it seems like I just wanted to see Ann for the most part.

We had Korean for lunch. Heard Thomas Drake talk about whistleblowing. Heard about mesh networks in NYC.


Today I climbed a tree.

I learned a lot from it, which I had hoped to compose into some sort of epic tale, though I find that the learnings from it will take a while to digest.

I think Linus must have some profound wisdom though, because it seems to me that he really grokked the tree metaphor.

I think I learned to feel chi and energy, and I felt like I benefitted the tree from climbing it. I would like to give the tree a name, or I should really ask its name. I found it a very wise and caring spirit and I will think fondly of it always. I took with me a branch from it, that I will call my dj-stick.

Really need to talk about git and climbing trees at DBC.

I will have to write an email to Genius and tell them that either they have to come to me, or they will have to wait.

Haven’t quite figured this out yet.

If I could just say three words for the rest of my life I would say ‘I love you’