7 21 2014

9:27:31 PM: Yay, Daria has come home! I haven’t seen her in such a long time now it feels like.

I had a really long day at work today, because Rebecca didn’t come in so I did everything, including code reviews and watching presentations. And I gave a really long lecture on a lot of CS topics and we went over stuff like Monte Carlo and we went through a CS interview question with a sneaky answer.

Oh, wow, didn’t mean to make so many revisions, but interesting that the save functionality actually does work, it just doesn’t change the view… so can I not view the page anymore? I guess I should refactor the way pages get saved, since now that I have autosave I don’t see much reason why I would need to manually save anymore except as a preview mechanism. For some reason my keyboard seems to act a bit funny right now, it keeps missing keystrokes. Or maybe the autosave cuts in and causes some keystrokes to get lost so that I need to type more carefully. I find this fairly disruptive to keep randomly missing keystrokes. I think I need to set this element as a nonreactive element to fix this problem.