7 22 2014

Dear Aliza,

Today will feel great I think. I will go to taijutsu, I will get a lot of coding done. I don’t know what contracting jobs I should accept, like should I accept the Nicole’s Classes job?

5:21:33 PM: Pretty good day today so far, I gave a pretty epic lecture on programming and programming yourself, and I explained alchemy.

5:23:31 PM: So happy to have proper autosave working finally. And yeah, that just feels awesome. I don’t have to worry about losing my work anymore, as long as I pause to think every once in a while. I would still like to code up some kind of indicator that the same has happened, though, so I think I will code that up.

Feeling kind of bummed out that kitkat feels the urge to bite my cord, but I don’t really know what I can do about that. Hm, so I had a pretty good idea just now, I could combine the word count with the save functionality, that way I would have an extra functional way to know when my file has saved. Score.

11:05:50 PM: I think that for the future I want my workflow to include having a TODO page open along with my journal so I can update that constantly as I write in my journal and just switch between the two. I think I will find it super useful. I just have to make sure saving works properly when I have multiple things open, but I do believe it does. I still need to make it so I can create a new prose from the subedit, but I think that should go pretty well.

11:07:26 PM: Had a great class today with Cameron. I love that man so much. Thanks to him I’ve finally started to make some progress on uke, and I think my tsuki will improve now that I realized how much power derives from alignment. I literally could not keep my arm from buckling until I lined up my shoulder with my back, and the moment I did that I could push with my entire body. Duh. We went over hicho-no-kata and jumonji-no-kata. We practiced quite a lot of uke. We practice gan-seki and musha-dori and oni-kudaki.

11:24:26 PM: I gave the most epic lecture of all time today.