7 23 2014

7:37:11 AM: Dreamed that my family planned a trip to Norway. I saw this funky map of where we would stay. Apparently we all had separate cabins. My calculator, looked like the 83, apparently could play mp3s? Andy got arrested by the FBI for some kind of cyber crime, very strange. I witnessed a really intense Chinese class that Priscilla had to attend and called Andy to talk about it. I didn’t speak much Norwegian in the dream, it seemed.

7:39:01 AM: I feel good today, got up nice and early after 7 hours of sleep. I think that I will take the modafinil, after doing the invocation of hermes so that I have a great and productive day on my birthday. I feel excited because I have a full schedule for today. I hope it doesn’t rain, I would like to check the weather forecast. I will not attend taijutsu in the case of rain. I think that it probably won’t rain, but I could get proven wrong by the weather. Looks like just a small percentage chance, so let’s work some weather magic and make it go away.

10:25:52 PM: I have had a great time today. I think that I have a pretty good routine going. I had a lot of fun at taijutsu tonight, at Josh’s apartment. Josh has encouraged me a lot lately, and noted the progress I make. It seems that I’ve started to make progress faster too, like he showed me koho seigan nuki today and I picked it up and improved pretty quickly. I told Josh that I would buy a iato from him today, which I feel good about. I consider that my birthday present to myself, and I think I will really enjoy that present because it represents an investment in myself.

10:29:16 PM: I think I figured out how I want the wordcount display to work. Basically, while I type the word count will take the place of the revision tree, and when it saves the revision tree will reappear. Although it seems like a lot of the time the revision tree has scrolled off the page, so I don’t know if that will work super well in practice. Maybe I could just change the border color of the textbox like I originally thought.

10:32:07 PM: Had a great chat with Steve today about the various prospects we have for clients and about the possibility of releasing SaaS wiki software based on the work I’ve done.