7 24 2014

10:44:16 AM: Feeling a bit weird today, for whatever reason. I don’t quite know why. I think I want to expand my site back a bit.

Sometimes autosize still doesn’t work consistently, which I find a bit annoying. I think I would like to work on the word counter and the focus colors now, so I will do that.

Cool, so now I have private prose and autosave indication, so I think I will find this pretty awesome. I think that I will like to keep working on this. I feel pretty good about the progress I’ve made so far.

4:44:54 PM: I feel slightly put upon today, because Lloyd straight up told me that leaving DBC would put it in a really bad place, mostly because of shit getting fucked up that has nothing to do with me. According to him we have low morale. I think that out of the goodness of my heart I will stay here though, and I will learn to master the heart chakra through this experience. Certainly I know that I could become a better teacher, and I do believe that teaching suites my demeanor. I think that I will have to get a lot better at my job so that I feel more comfortable with it. And I want to figure out some way that I can work fewer hours and that would involve working on my own projects while at DBC, which I think I could pull off.

5:13:43 PM: Anyway, obviously I just have to learn how to hack this place more. Like using the fact that I will have a lot of capable students that I can farm off freelance projects to. And using DBC as a way to get my friends speaker engagements. And using it as a publicity machine. I can definitely get a lot of value out of DBC. But I wouldn’t mind working at Genius, obviously.

5:15:57 PM: Anyway, I would enjoy getting a lot done here and making a life out of this, so I guess I should figure out how to do it and make it work and not give up because it gets hard. Same deal with Daria, if I wait it out then life will reward me handsomely.

11:48:21 PM: Well. I guess I made it. Long day for me. Glad that I could connect with Dylan though. And give Kimberly a hug, since she clearly really needed it. And I introduced myself to that lady in the orange dress in Chinese which I really enjoyed. So I pushed my limits today. I feel like I really helped out a lot of people and I think I just need to get positive and get off to a good start. I feel a bit stretched and I feel bad that I didn’t get to take the call with Colleen, but maybe I should just let her know that I don’t have any interest in Palantir anymore.