7 26 2014

12:56:24 AM: Hm, very interesting. Doesn’t seem like the journal works quite right right now. Twice now I have seen it acting strange. But I guess it works for the moment. I don’t quite have the bandwidth to track the issue down right now.

1:08:19 AM: Hm, something very strange had just occurred and I don’t quite know what to make of it.

1:09:42 AM: I must say, I find my site getting a bit slow. I hope that trend doesn’t continue.

11:11:20 AM: Well, here I stand. Daria hasn’t woken up yet and Kitkat really wants to play, like usual, but I kind of just want to get stuff done. Let’s check the todo list, now that I have it setup all handy and dandy.

7:30:39 PM: Here goes. About to go to the ayahausca circle. I didn’t follow the guidelines exactly. Had some ginger by accident. Had some spicy food for lunch by accident. Had sex with Daria five hours before hand. And I ate some dinner. But overall, I think I did make an effort to follow the guidelines, and I hope to make some spiritual breakthroughs today. I felt happy to hear that Raghav felt like he moved towards inner peace today after tripping, I felt really happy to hear that actually. I rested a lot in the afternoon in preparation for this. Dreamed about playing MtG against Rebecca with my brothers and Andy. I read this strange rules text that said magic required you to wear a certain watch in order to keep time, and the card has something to do with physical time. Very strange. Rebecca played a 15/15 indestructable, one of those big dudes from that one set with all the big dudes so we started to conspire to gang up on her. Okay, off I go to take the R to queens.