7 29 2014

10:55:08 AM: Hm, the way saving in subviews works still doesn’t seem correct. It keeps creating subbranches that shouldn’t exist. I don’t quite know what to do about that.

10:56:12 AM: Had a tough but great conversation with Daria. I cried a lot and let her know how scared I felt and how hurt I felt when she fell into her depression. And I think our relationship stands on much better ground now.

10:58:24 AM: I still need to have some tough conversations at DBC, because right now I feel really unsupported and I don’t necessarily believe in the educational model here, so I have a lot of quibbles.

3:27:40 PM: Had a great conversation with Ethan. And feeling good that I could give work to my former students and know that they will do it well. Like if I could get both Greg P and Greg K working for me, then I would really make things happen. Good times.

5:36:06 PM: Cool, lots of stuff working now. I feel like this actually works for the most part. I have a lot of refactoring to do, of course.

5:57:28 PM: Feeling good. Going to go to taijutsu soon. Have made some good progress on my site.

6:04:18 PM: Okay, cool, have a lot working. Time to get to taijutsu.

10:59:49 PM: Had the most amazing sex with Daria. Best yet. And kitkat let me hold him today. So all in all, a great day. Daria and I came together. And we had really great oral sex during the foreplay. And she did cowgirl. Such a great night. And we had a thirty minute conversation beforehand about how our days went and we really paid attention to each other. I feel a lot better about our relationship. Now I just have to get my working life back in order, because I don’t quite know what the hell to do with my life in that regard. Maybe I could talk to my dad about why he values teaching, and that will encourage me.

11:13:31 PM: Had a great class today with Will, Cameron, Andy, and Anthony showed up again for the first time in quite a while. We went over the san-shin, of course. Did some tsuki and uke, from shizen, which I always find useful. Hard to do an effective uke when Andy and Will can hardly tsuki, but I don’t mind. I did what Josh said to do and just practiced my own form without worrying about what they could do, because they obviously where not able to hit me. We practiced ura gyaku a bit, which I found really helpful. I think I made some progress on it. Specifically, when it comes to the elbow on the movement with the cross step I realized that I can let my elbow go much higher, because I want it to look like daijodan.

11:22:36 PM: I feel excited to meet the guy from KAP, since he has helped Dr. Morris so much. I can’t wait to learn from him. I definitely want to block off the time when he comes into town. I want to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the kaceminar at all. I better check my calendar.

11:36:53 PM: Really enjoyed my talk with Ethan anyway, I would really like to help him out. I feel like his approach has a lot of grounding in reality, which I really dig. I think we could make it mutually agreeable. And create a lot of mutual benefit. I realized the other day that my initials stand for Mutual Kind Benefit.