7 30 2014

9:19:32 AM: Well, got in on time despite an iffy commute. Seems like most of the students haven’t come in yet. Excited to hit 115k words on my wiki soon. I think I want to spend some time coming up refactoring the content on my wiki. The code and feature set feel fairly satisfactory to me. Editor.js has way too much, but I don’t know exactly what to do about that. I love that I can hear the sax man from here. I want to help Greg with this git merge issue he has run into.

10:04:01 PM: Pretty good day today. Had class with Will, Josh, Cameron, and Mike. I bought my sword from Josh today. Haven’t decided what to name it, though I might name it Neverest for nostalgia’s sake. And I do find it motivating to have. I practiced draws a tsuki a bunch with it. Tsuki feels a lot more realistic with some weight behind it, so I enjoy that.

10:04:57 PM: I refactored the wiki content quite a bit today, I still have a lot more work to do, but I feel pretty happy with what I have written so far. I plan to feature all of my students on my website, I hope they all want it. Otherwise I can just feature the ones who want it. I have some ideas I want to write down.

So for the wiki, the routing engine needs to perform really well. If I link to a page inside of a page, it should first look for a matching page within the hierarchy, then look outside. Although… now I wonder if the dynamic linking will work with the link tracking. Maybe I will just have the link tracking, and the links will statically resolve at the time that we write them, dynamically. If that makes any sense. Anyway, I feel confident that I can build the world’s best damn wiki system and gets lots of people using it. First I just need to use it to build a super badass wiki myself.

I really need to work on the proposal for royaltyreminder when I get some time to. I think I might not take on much contracting beyond that. I think I will go read Dr. Morris now. And make some soylent for tomorrow.