7 31 2014

11:04:53 AM: Had some weird dreams about going home it seemed. Not really sure. I dreamed that I went over to Andy’s apartment and we did drugs together. I dreamed that I ate dinner with my family and Haresh came over as a house guest except I never saw him because he stayed in the bathroom all the time. I dreamed that I got into an argument with my parents because of catholicism. We talked about the transubstantiation of wafer into christ’s flesh. For some reason. I don’t know why it got so heated, but the last thing I remember before waking involved yelling about the wafers.

11:06:48 AM: Kitkat pooped outside of his litterbox again, and I almost stepped on it. Seems like he has swallowed a bunch of hair or string or something because he has stringy stuck together poops.

11:07:21 AM: Had a good talk with Daria last night. I feel like when we get kind of horny and fidgety at night maybe we should just make love, because otherwise it feels like we never get to sleep until past 1.

11:10:11 AM: Wiki seems to work pretty well… But I do need to track down this weird bug that keeps sending me to the bottom of my text.

12:04:32 PM: So the soylent I made today failed completely. I didn’t add enough powder and right now it just tastes like gross tasting water. So basically wasted. I guess I still have to make it in the big container or something. I think I will need to buy lunch today, sadly I don’t have any cash anymore. I want to go home and play with my sword. Finding today rather boring.

7:45:56 PM: So today… interesting day I guess. Got lunch with the ReadyReader team at a nice little deli and ate by the waterside. I enjoyed that. Had a difficult conversation with Lloyd, but I feel like I understand and trust his motivations better now. I think that I will probably stay at Dev Bootcamp, but I still want to get the job at Genius so that I can present that to my students and let them know that I really bring it.

9:04:49 PM: Had a good conversation with Daria today. She had a good time at Dev Bootcamp, and actually had a conversation with Dan from Thinkful today.