7 5 2014

10:07:20 PM: Alright, time to do some writing for once. I haven’t in quite a long time and I think that it has weighed on me for a while now.

10:07:37 PM: Last weekend I tripped, but due to the lack of reflection on the experience you’d hardly think I did. Ohan and Mike showed up and we each dosed about one and a half. Then we went off to the park and played in the fountain for a while. Then we went and climbed a tree, and listened to the piano man. Saw a bit of the pride parade, and ended back at the park to meet up with Daria after she got out of yoga. From there we met up with Jaime in the park.

10:12:05 PM: Anyway, I felt like I haven’t learned much from the last few LSD trips I’ve had, or maybe it hasn’t felt as new anymore. So I decided to finally take the next step in my psychonautic journey and ordered DMT on the silkroad, along with a vaporizer pipe with which to inhale it. I hope to unlock secrets of the universe that help me reach my full potential in doing so.

10:13:32 PM: I wouldn’t say that I feel dissatisfied with my life, and yet I feel like I need to change it. But perhaps I just need some more time to settle into Dev Bootcamp. After all, I still haven’t experienced every phase yet, so I still consider myself a new teacher. And I certainly haven’t made all the beneficial changes that I would want to make yet. The phase 1 curriculum in particular I need to change up a lot, but I think I could add a lot of value by adding new EE curriculum too.