7 8 2014

8:45:12 PM: Good day today, despite the rocky start in terms of sleep. I managed to make it through the day, although I did end up yawning a bunch while students asked me questions, which I felt a bit rude about. Also, the twitter API has a bunch of little caveats, as does deploying to Heroku, so I didn’t really enjoy that. Did enjoy meeting John and talking about Oculus with him, since it turns out he has the original oculus dev kit.

8:49:01 PM: Good taijutsu class today with Cameron, James, and Andy. Andy showed a lot of improvement today in terms of basics, although he still doesn’t know how to move. But he did the first part of omote gyaku pretty well. For myself, I still have to work on the turn part of omote. We worked on uke and tsuki today and some taisabaki too. No major breakthroughs, but I did notice (thanks Cameron) that I have a tendency to lean over when doing tsuki to avoid a sword strike, and that puts me off balance to my back, so I need to work on that. And James pointed out that I begin the movement by shifting all my weight to one leg, and that I should try to do the movement without that tell, it changes the whole way the initialization goes. I will have to practice that.

8:52:16 PM: Might not get a good chance to try some more DMT today, but I don’t mind. Didn’t feel so great about Soylent today, I think I will probably go back to eating normal food when my Soylent runs out, as I have a pretty good sense for what I need to eat and I trust that more than some government guidelines for nutrition. If anything, I can imagine that the goverment created those guidelines to make the average American diet SEEM normal, even though in natural reality they feel way out of whack.

8:53:44 PM: Got a really nice reply from George today, that made me feel good about him and Sailthru. The biggest sticking points I have about going back include: that I love my job right now, and that I won’t have much time to go back home unless I push my start date back a bit so I have a bit of a break between jobs. Also I don’t know if I should keep two jobs at once… that feels like the ninja thing to do but also maybe wrong ethically. I probably wouldn’t do that. But maybe I would.

8:54:54 PM: Tomorrow I will meet David at Dev Bootcamp, I think I will find that interesting. I feel really sad that the cicadas will leave on Friday, and I won’t get to see a lot of them again, but hopefully we can all stay in touch and our paths can cross in the future. I don’t know. I think that maybe after I have gone through two cohorts I won’t feel quite as driven as I do now. I don’t know, I feel that I don’t do well at predicting my future emotions.

8:56:14 PM: I would like for dinner to arrive as I feel quite hungry, and I would like to go to bed sooner than I did yesterday. I think that I will blow off Aditya, because frankly, everything just feels so difficult with him. I offered to have him come over and smoke up and he said that he would feel claustrophobic in this apartment. Maybe the way he had it arranged, with terribly Feng Shui it felt claustrophobic, but I have arranged this apartment in a far superior manner with a lot of open space, so I find that pretty laughable, but he doesn’t know that because he hasn’t came here since he moved out, and frankly I don’t really see any reason for him to. I don’t particularly care to play Magic with him as I know that my deck will simply wipe the floor with him, and each time we play I have to carefully engineer the game so that he always has a way to win, without it appearing too obvious that I threw the game. Ah well.