7 9 2014

7:43:00 AM: Wow, reading Christine’s post on Facebook made me feel really uncomfortable about Dev Bootcamp. I don’t know what to do.

7:47:15 AM: Daria didn’t want to wake up again today… and she felt kind of restless last night. I hope she doesn’t keep me up tonight, and I hope that she makes healthy life choices, because I feel like she has lost sight of that a bit at Hacker School. Although I feel really happy that she feels so caught up in the enthusiasm of hacker school. I don’t know.

8:57:52 PM: Interesting day for me today. I really enjoyed meeting David Haber this afternoon and hearing his story of working at SPARC capitol, founding Bond Street. Hiring his friend Payton. He went to Harvard, graduate in 2009 I think? Went to a public high school with a crazy high student ratio. His mom taught though. Bond Streets makes small business loans way easier, and awesome. They got a really great financial analyst from a big bank. They have just two engineers right now. Steve and Peyton. They work out of 22nd st. They have six people right now. They raised a seedround, and they made a $150,000 loan to everlane. Their first loan ever. Everlane has an interesting business model. They built the sites for Warby Parker and Harry’s, and they took a lot of equity. Creates great alignment. Normally a small business loan takes 6 weeks to get. Fail. Small business lending has decreased 25% since the financial crisis.

Hey David,

I really enjoyed meeting you this afternoon and hearing your story of working at Spark Capital, founding Bond Street. Thank you for sharing your educational background too, I always enjoy learning about how people learn. Your mom sounds like an awesome teacher.

22nd St. doesn’t sound too out of the way for me, comparable to my current commute, so I’d enjoy meeting Peyton, Steve, Jerry, Eddie, and Jeremy too and see if all mesh.

Congratulations on making your first loan, and thanks for the background on small business lending. It really blew me away to hear you say that small business lending had dropped by around 25% since the financial crisis.

I wouldn’t mind coming by your office sometime soon. I have the same 12:30 to 2:00 gap each weekday, so I’d have to try to fit in there unless you’ve got time in the evening after 6:00.

9:11:33 PM: Okay, wrote feedback on John and Steven, and wrote back to David. Feel pretty good about the productivity I’ve had so far. Want to journal some more though and get really clear. Then I want to blast off into DMT hyperspace and meet my holy guardian angel, or aliza, if you don’t happen to represent the same entity.

9:12:29 PM: Got my 9th kyu today. Meant a lot coming from Josh. I think I want to train a lot harder now. Today in class we continued to work on the techniques from Paris seminar. The bo technique against the exposed wrist, the equivalent sword technique. Then we did the taijutsu movement with the omote-gyaku-esque strike that rapidly turns into a sto and around the neck grab into a punch.

9:15:14 PM: Ugh, feel pretty horny today. Part of me just wants to watch some porn, but I’d rather see Daria. But she doesn’t happen to have come home yet. Meh. I will go smoke some DMT now.

9:15:41 PM: Also I did call my mom for her birthday. So I’ve seriously taken care of all my obligations for the day and I really have the freedom to do this.