8 11 2014

7:27:34 AM: Alright, I suppose I will do some journaling while Daria goes to yoga. Today I fly back to Minnesota. I got when Daria got up to go to yoga, so I feel pretty good about that. After that she will go to hacker school and I will go to JFK. I should make sure to have my flight confirmation number and such available on my phone as I will need to print my tickets when I get to the airport. I believe I have everything I need but it wouldn’t hurt to double check. I have the check to deposit, I have the drugs.

7:29:13 AM: Last night Daria and I made love for quite a while but I couldn’t help her cum, which I felt a little silly for. Earlier in the day we started making love and I came almost immediately, before she finished, and then the semen burned her a bit so we stopped. Then in the afternoon she felt really nauseous and saw a lot of purple when she closed her eyes. She felt really drained suddenly.

7:31:14 AM: Yesterday the deck I drafted felt pretty clunky. Too many two drops and five/six drops, not much to do in between. Not a big fan of that deck. And green and blue just didn’t give me a lot of options in the long term. I felt like I always had to hold back because the only form of removal I had consisted of frogify which sucks. I have packed all my rares and uncommons to bring home and trade, and I brought my deck this time. The white and black equipment deck with all my dark confidents and stone forge mystics. I hope Andy enjoys playing against it.

7:33:00 AM: I think the first thing I will do upon arrival in Minnesota consists of going to the yang’s for dinner. I will enjoy that. I guess Priscilla and Mom and I will go to the mall of america while we wait to pickup dad from the airport today.

7:34:05 AM: I’ve got an hour here, I think I might practice some taijutsu before I go. I have to make sure to pack my computer and phone and the cords for the two. I have looked up how to get to the airport on my phone and I have my confirmation number of there too. I think I will have a good time. I suppose I should get some breakfast too while I still have time.

7:37:59 AM: With almost a full hour I should do some exercise, some taijutsu, eat, maybe shower, and finish packing.

7:54:56 AM: Did some koho seigan nuki. Did some pullups. Did a pistol on each side. I think I will practice some tsuki now.

8:01:37 AM: Practiced a bunch of tsuki with my iato. I have named my iato 執念. Tenacity/implacability/obsession. Shu-nen. What I observed while working on tsuki recalls what Josh told me. I have to work on grounding my back leg, as from there derives all the thrusting force of the strike. I have not grounded my back foot during my practice, which robs me of power. Did a few unarmed tsuki working on the same concept. I have just 25 minutes till Daria gets back, so I think I will wrap things up here.