8 12 2014

9:41:03 AM: Pretty epic dream last night where I got locked in a mental institute with around 40 other young people and I spent the entire time fomenting rebellion, plotting parties, helping to smuggle in illegal drugs, executing escapes, etc. At the end of the dream when I woke up I had escaped the facility after recovering two out of three grinders that we had smuggled in, however none of my compatriots escaped with me. In the dream I remember struggling to do one armed pushups. Trying very hard to find some place and way to get laid. Lots of hiding from police officers in various nooks and crannies and hallways. Crazy parties that we would start. Towards the end of the dream right before I escaped the facility and made it out into the real world they injected me in the arm with some sort of tranquilizer/happy drug. Possibly I didn’t actually escape but just got stuck in a drug induced fugue state.

9:46:39 AM: I enjoyed visiting the Yang’s yesterday. Everyone has grown up a lot although they still seem so little, because they appear quite short. Turns out I don’t have any remaining seafood allergies it would seem, although mussels still kind of freak me out so I decided not to eat them.

10:04:35 AM: Wow, facebook totally covered with Robin Williams. I guess I won’t visit for a while.

10:55:44 AM: Last night I thought about writing something but now I can’t remember, bummer.

12:20:45 PM: Getting pretty annoyed at Sailthru, and feeling very glad that I don’t work there anymore. They made our relationship a legal one rather than a friendly one, so I have decided that after this week comes up and the two month date from the career site launch occurs then I will not assist in any troubles they have anymore.