8 13 2014

12:46:31 AM: Fairly uneventful day. I deposited the Sailthru check. Played Magic: the Gathering with Priscilla and Andy. Played Leiro with Priscilla and Luke. Rode a bike to cub to deposit the check.

12:47:09 AM: Read a lot of Runesoup about sigiling and shoaling. Seems like he has a very strong understanding of chaos magick, which I will adopt. I think I will draw mandalas featuring a central sigil I use as the “robofish” surrounded by a constellation of shoaling sigils alongside.

12:48:04 AM: Divided on whether or not to watch some pornography right now. I feel like I should practice resisting the urge because it could come on while Daria goes to Columbia, which I wouldn’t want.

12:48:38 AM: I should think about my ideal day and work towards it as Gordon Ramsay writes. I think I will steal a lot of ideas from him.

11:49:39 PM: Had a close call with youjizz right now. I will just avoid it. Instead I should do some writing. I think I should write about how I luv my job.

12:07:47 AM: Wrote about luving my job. Still feel the lust coming on. Still want to resist it. Maybe I will perform the KAP meditation instead. Ah, another close call. Closed it before it loaded though. Well, I should probably write some more. Channel this energy into something productive.

12:41:02 AM: Meh, watched some stuff, but didn’t waste my energy, thankfully. Saw some cams. This indigowild girl looked really beautiful, just teases the whole time too unlike a lot of girls. She knows how to really work it and keep it classy. Camming still makes me feel strange.

1:12:20 AM: Well, I came to Ashlyn Rae. Not proud of it… but not ashamed either. Maybe, like an old friend like Andy or MTG, I simply only do this once a year when I come home.

1:50:01 PM: Dreamt again of a mental asylum type situation. Dreamed that I played some kind of game where people chased me. In order to escape I went down some sewage pipes and ended up emerging inside of a mental institute seemingly populated by DBC who welcomed me back like I had left a few weeks ago. I guess returning to DBC might very well feel like returning to a mental asylum.

1:59:10 PM: Felt pretty bummed after reading the DBC feedback for this week. I feel as though things really fell apart in my absence. And we have some pretty weak teachers who we can’t get rid of because we have precious few enough teachers as things stand. I feel like I will need to revitalize and kick things up a notch. I guess I will work on Engineering Empathy now, I will try to use as much information as I can. Maybe even encode some NLP and chaos magick into it if I can.