8 14 2014

8:21:54 AM: Very interesting dream last night. I dreamed that I cast a spell on my birthday to find lots of money. I stood in the patio and flipped a coin. The coin landed on its edge where it fell into a slot in the concrete of the patio. I tried to pull the coin out but it felt stuck in the slot, I applied some leverage and then suddenly a big piece of the concrete came loose. Underneath the concrete I found a canvas bag filled with bundles of cash, bottles of champaign, and bags of cocaine. I started collecting everything in the hole right away, focusing on getting the money and cocaine first. But inexplicably a police car drives up. I scramble to get everything inside the house, but apparently the police officer suspects something because he comes to the door and investigates. My parents apparently created that stash in order to dodge taxes and they get into trouble as a result.

8:28:04 AM: Not sure wtf to make of that. Maybe a warning to myself.

8:44:23 AM: Did the kap meditation last night. Felt nice, even though my concentration didn’t feel that strong last night.

8:24:41 PM: Interesting day so far. Played magic with Priscilla and Andy and Priscilla won two games and then I won a game.

8:25:02 PM: I started doing some bojutsu using a 20 pound barbell bar. Pretty interesting. Hope to gain some insight from it. Shikan haramitsu daikomyo.

10:23:00 PM: Hard to really figure out how to work while here, but I guess I plan to fix the Sailthru stuff on the weekend with Daria so I don’t necessarily need to work on it now. Starting to think I should just switch over to the notebook. I do a lot of my best thinking on the notebook, as it turns out. Probably due to my background in mathematics where all hard problems get solved on paper. In my opinion anyway. Hard to use a computer to do math still.

11:20:42 PM: Feel so claustrophobic here sometimes. Not a lot of space because of too much stuff. I want to keep things very different in my living environments. Ugh, I keep wanting to view pornography while here. Man. I will conserve my energy. I will read instead.