8 16 2014

10:23:56 PM: Okay, too long since I’ve come here. Sorry! Will make it up to you today.

10:24:08 PM: So yesterday I said something to Andy that took a lot of courage while we took the LSD. I told him that I felt gay for him. He took it pretty well for the most part. I still haven’t fully embraced my bisexuality, but I feel that it feels right for me. I still haven’t had a gay encounter yet, but I’ve only had one sexual partner my whole life up till now so I shouldn’t feel strange about that at all. We worked through a lot of issues from our childhoods and more recently. Andy told me that he suffers from depression, which I hope I can help him with. He had relationship difficulties with Abigail, she didn’t turn out to feel that interested in him. So I guess they broke up in a sense although they still act like friends and text a lot. Felt bad that Levi didn’t get to trip with us so I will leave him some LSD that he can try out on his own time. Very amused at how easy of a time I had transporting LSD, but of course.

10:36:45 PM: Yesterday I examined some of Andy’s swords while we tripped, and we discovered that one of his cheap looking “ninja-to” actually had a full tang hilt. A lot of pakistani labor went into making a sword he bought for $10. Pretty crazy.

10:56:26 PM: Had a lot of epiphanies about the way the world operates. We get told as children man vs man rather than man luv man. We get told to fear having feelings for other men. All bullshit.

10:36:34 PM: I need to work on the Sailthru stuff yesterday.

11:24:58 PM: I think that I need to get some work done this weekend and next weekend, but I won’t mind too much. Should finish up the Sailthru stuff tomorrow.

11:42:37 PM: Spread my reading list to four people from Reddit today. Hope they enjoy it.t