8 19 2014

2:00:20 PM: Did DMT with Kevin on Sunday night, quite a trip and we did it again on Monday morning. I can’t put what I experienced into words exactly, except for the first part where I heard a ringing tone and vibrations throughout my body. Trying to decide if I want to spend another night out of home with Andy, Levi, and Kevin. Maybe, maybe not. Haven’t quite decided.

2:03:06 PM: Had a good time with both Kevins. Got quite high and visited the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. We also decided to eat some BBQ ribs for lunch which I found quite delicious. Kevin has some interest in learning web development on his own it seems.

2:04:01 PM: I invested in 12 shares of AAPL on the expectation that share prices will rise after the launch of the iPhone 6. I have about 3.2k worth of shares right now, which I might sell at some point. I don’t quite know how to invest my money, perhaps I will simply save it for a time when I can invest safely. But I feel that I could do some financial sorcery and make sure that I don’t need money in the future.