8 21 2014

8:05:56 AM: Very interesting dream this morning. Dreamed that Daria and I too part in some kind of occult resistance group. We went around casting spells in a kind of guerrilla fashion. A few people carried swords. Oddly I kept shooting people in our group with water guns and we seemed to have a big game of water gun fights frequently while we stayed at our safe house. We practically got Daria naked from squirting her which I liked. I remember drawing sigils in the ground around a bunch of herbs and setting them on fire.

10:05:36 AM: Great dream, great talk with Max, so far I have started this day off great. I have a cat besieging my computer, but I don’t mind. I want to write down some todo items for myself so that I get a bunch done today, perhaps I will invoke Hermes.

12:15:25 PM: Alright, time to do some reflection as a break between all the work I have done. Have accomplished a lot today already in terms of getting my shit together. Still have a lot more to do, but the rest of the day should involve more writing and creative thought.

12:15:55 PM: I really, really feel glad that I met with Max again today. I feel like we will really become great friends and he has already sparked so many ideas. I think that I have a lot to share with him and he seems like he really responded well to what I shared with him. Very exciting. Also that breakfast we had together tasted excellent and I really enjoyed the location. Seems like a good place to work out of if I need it.

12:16:44 PM: I really admire how Lloyd has owned up to his faults and has made a commitment to working through them and I like the way he has communicated recently. Of course I also enjoy the fact that I got a 10k raise without asking for it. Seems like the sigil worked because I really do have enough for everything I need. Excited for the other sigils to work and for my big sigil art project which I think I will really enjoy. I might want to get into chinese calligraphy or calligraphy in general with a calligraphy pen, I think I would enjoy that a lot.

12:17:59 PM: Hm, seems like I haven’t typed in a while, need a bit of practice to get back into this.

12:37:20 PM: Pretty interesting to review my old emails from OHS. I guess I had a lot of homework and I handled a lot. Didn’t feel like I really handled it at the time, but really I had a lot to do and I mostly survived. Interesting to see the messages I had with Maya. So obvious in retrospect that she loved me, but I never said anything to her. I guess part of love involves letting go and I feel glad that she found Daniel because he seems to make genuinely happy. I miss her of course, but I don’t regret the way things turned out. I learned a lot of valuable life lessons from letting Maya get away. I will say, I thought Maya had all the perfect qualities I wanted, but really Maya doesn’t represent Her.

1:29:11 PM: Cool, todo list starting to look pretty manageable.

2:29:42 PM: Huh, interesting. Never thought that would make a difference. Very interesting to learn how that local time thing in JavaScript works. Okay, so now I stand here typing, kind of out of immediate stuff to do, just waiting for Andrew to show up. Expecting him already, not quite sure. Did he mean that he had a train towards Penn Station at 1:45? I thought he might arrive there by 1:45, but I can wait for him. I’ve got plenty to read, for sure.

7:01:47 PM: Had a great time visiting with Andrew. We got Dos Toros and caught up. Walked around in WSQ park. Talking to Josh currently. I need to work on the Lovism EE. :)

7:39:06 PM: Cool, wrote up my experiences with the sexism EE reboot that I called the L word EE. I think it will make a splash, or at least I hope so.

7:39:31 PM: Time to play with my sword again. Shu-nen I have named it. Perhaps I will just call it tenacity. IDK. 執念

8:10:54 PM: Did a lot of koho seigan nuki. Noticed that on the right handed draw I tended to stomp while going back so I focused on shifting back. Also focused on keeping my back shoulder down and elbow in when doing koho.

8:17:23 PM: Did a bunch of tsuki trying to focus on keeping the back leg planted the whole time so that I can actually deliver some force with the strike and not fall over. Good goals to have while striking I think…

9:13:58 PM: I think I will cast the spell to destroy my enemies on LaTeesha Thomas because I felt a little bit of resentment against her and I don’t want that.

I forgive LaTeesha Thomas. LaTeesha Thomas did not come into existence to do me harm. I love LaTeesha Thomas. LaTeesha Thomas came here to learn, as did we all. I forgive LaTeesha Thomas. LaTeesha Thomas learned from her mistakes. I love LaTeesha Thomas. LaTeesha Thomas is one of us. I forgive LaTeesha Thomas.

9:15:49 PM: Okay, feel better now, back to reading Sam Harris.

9:53:40 PM: Wow, feel pretty lonely right now. And I guess I feel like I should have started the KAP meditation a while ago but I seriously thought that Daria would come home by now. I luv her. I miss her. But I will prevail. I have done a lot of physical practice today and I will continue to work on myself with the tenacity of a sword smith working a mighty piece of steel.

10:11:22 PM: Well, had a great time reading Sam Harris. Glad he has brought awareness of the benefits of mindfulness. I will now continue to pursue the kundalini.

12:37:41 AM: Didn’t do KAP as Daria got home but I did take the time to give her a message while we had our talk and an orgasm. I felt really awesome today and we kept at it for quite a while after she had her first.