8 22 2014

9:56:56 PM: Saw the graduation today and met my incoming cohort. The Great Horned Owls. During this phase I shall invoke Athena into my life and use her as the egregore of the Great Horned Owls.

9:57:28 PM: Made luv with Daria.

10:13:55 PM: Strange, saw the first glitch here that actually destroyed some of my writing. As I wrote earlier Daria has fallen into the trance of the internet so I have some time here to exercise my will. We have both consumed half of a brownie from Kevin (thank U Kevin).

10:19:36 PM: We skipped the bbq at Wylie’s tonight in order to have sex and eat delicious chicken fingers.

10:19:55 PM: I did a bunch of koho seigan nuki today.

10:22:32 PM: And read a very interesting biography of jack parsons. I will have to research that man, along with Crowley, of course. I should like to start performing the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram so I can truly enter a magical practice.