8 23 2014

10:46:24 AM: Dreamed that the van broke down somewhere and I had to drive to go get it. Basically mom had to drive with me so we could pick up the car and then both drive back separately. Dreamed of casting spells from a book. Dreamed of living somewhere strange with Kevin Zhou. Dreamed of big shot chinese investors and martial arts.

11:55:47 AM: Yesterday felt like a bit of a lost day, and I have a little regret that we didn’t go to the BBQ, but I think I will deal with. Thankfully my charger started working again so I didn’t have to go the Apple store. I think that I will just tape it up and make sure it works well. Maybe cast a spell to help it.

11:56:30 AM: I think I will do the KAP meditation now. I would like to edit it so that I have a few versions of it that feel shorter and have less filler material, but I always find the full experience valuable. Just, when I feel short on time it could feel nice to have a shortened version. And I would like to start producing my own meditation tapes of this sort. I feel excited for the KAP workshop, I think I might want to get in touch with Tao and see what I can do to prepare.

12:39:28 PM: Strong concentration today during KAP, a lot of good visualization and movement of energy today. Could have visualized some of the emotions better, but I still feel great right now. The orgasm visualization always feel so interesting, shocks of electricity flowing out of my heart through my body. I’ve started to notice that whenever I get the energy shivers they seem to start from the top of my body. Like my upper back or my lower jaw. Interesting. Maybe I have more yin energy and my chakras started opening from the top down. I would like to research that and ask Tao about it. I think that the next thing I want to do while Daria remains at yoga: the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram.

12:54:53 PM: Time to do a tarot contemplation ritual! I will grab all the major arcana.

Phase of Moon: waning, near new Weather Conditions: cloudy, overcast Emotions: happy, relaxed, confident, sexy, loving Physical Condition: relaxed, slight discomfort in lower back Rituals Performed: Tarot Contemplation Ritual Performance: okay, I think? Don’t have a baseline for this yet, but while shuffling I tried to pay close attention and feel for the moment that I should stop. Results: I drew the hanged man, interesting as the first tarot story in MM included him drawing the hanged man (or the first example journal entry, anyway) and it turns out that he had to sacrifice an existing relationship to find a better one, a theme that I have contemplated. Remember that strange time that I played Chess with Daria and I sacrificed my queen in order to win the game, and Alex said “U have to make sacrifices to get something better” or something along those lines. Strange. I think she had feelings for me. I don’t really reciprocate those feelings though.

1:03:50 PM: Okay, so I had fun doing that. Very interesting.

2:25:39 PM: Simply delicious meal at Saigon Shack. Will have to return there. I liked everything about that restaurant. Beautiful.

2:26:11 PM: Dan Mundy will come over soon in order to trip.

4:36:10 PM: Had a great time in the Park with Dan. Did a reading on that luv spell idea and it turned out pretty poorly, so I don’t think I will proceed with that.

5:33:32 PM: Did the KAP meditation with Dan while sitting in the wooden chair. It felt really powerful this time, a lot more so than when I did it in the morning. Makes me think that I ought to sit up while I do it rather than lie down because of how much more effective it felt today. Very high amounts of energy sensation, and a decent amount of color perception too.

5:47:06 PM: Just did a bevy of pullups, I think I will practice with tenacity a bit soon.

6:04:29 PM: Did some koho seigan nuki, tsuki, and going into hicho no kamae from seizen.

6:07:39 PM: Saved an awesome quote from Drew.

10:46:47 PM: Feeling slightly lost at the moment. But I have some ideas about invoking the Bujin into me that I will keep working. And I ought to work on my sigil shoals some more. I think I like Chaos Magick more than ceremonial magick, and I will develop my own rituals, since it has become highly apparent to me that rituals have no intrinsic meaning beyond what the practitioner imbues them with. Magick does not have the intrinsic meaning of mathematics, thus, I can forge my own system out of the logic and beauty of my own mind. So I believe. I will have to work to find this out. I will learn from Tao Semko though, I think he has a lot of knowledge and I have repeatedly witnesses the reality of energy so I will wield that power.

11:46:33 PM: Made awesome luv with Daria tonight. First she came, and then we started again and I came and she said she felt really close to coming again. The power position seems to work pretty well and as I improve my rhythm I feel certain that it will start to work better and better. Keeping rhythm seems really powerful. Daria likes it when I start to stroke harder.

12:32:27 AM: Two pistols, several pullups. I have decided that I will make it a goal to do one armed pullups, or maybe pushups. One of the two. Probably I should focus on pushups, since then I hope need any equipment, although as far as equipment goes I consider a pullup bar pretty minimal.

1:01:01 AM: A lot of squats and maybe five pushups. Pretty obvious that I don’t have very good endurance yet even though I have a pretty good amount of strength relative to my weight. I have a lot of practice to put in and strength to gain. I think that my consistent practice will act as a robofish for my health and body related shoal.

2:36:55 AM: Quite excited by this WieldyWiki project, and it has progressed quite nicely already. I like that I will work with the same technologies that the students do so that I can do advanced stuff and stay a