8 24 2014

2:46:30 AM: Just got a lot done in terms of fixing up my home page, however I eagerly anticipate having my new wiki system up and taking this concept even further. Meteor has proven a good testing ground, but I think I might move off of it sooner rather than later.

10:47:03 AM: Strange dream. At the end for some reason we fought Erin Kidwell. She killed a comrade of mine manning an anti-vehicle flamethrower, which I then got inside of and started to burn the tank that Erin drove. To defeat her we had to rip off her outer layer of clothing to find her empowered magic card underneath. On one side of her card showed WWW for a 0/5 defender, the other side showed 222 for a 3/3 flying with creatures U control get +1/+1 for each of their colors. She asked us if this was really the best use of her time, and someone accused her of making him retarded. Apparently she did something with a piano when he was younger and made him into a simpleton? Very strange.

10:55:19 AM: Not quite sure how I got to the battlefield, before that I found myself trapped in a sort of real life roguelike with these big white tile floors seemingly floating in midair. Some of the tiles had nasty traps that would come out of them. The dungeons had various assortments of monsters and harmless creatures. I remember feeding a rabbit, but before that I had to do battle with demons. Fortunately I remembered how to stair dance and I avoided hard battles that way and would instead circle around from another staircase and pick off enemies one by one. Overall I had pretty good survival instincts in such a hostile environment. Seemingly the last staircase I went down I ended up in that battle. The battle may have been a simulation in the dream, because before all the strange videogame stuff I remember being with my family and Andy at the library, and some events led up to that too I only have a murky recall of.

12:24:32 AM: Having trouble sleeping to do a few things on my mind. The fact that Myles fucked up the challenge migrator and then ditched off to Burning Man kind of upset me, and I got a bit upset at myself for feeling upset. Silly. And then Rebecca posted a pretty long and what felt accusatory reply to my SCI/ALS Facebook post that I had to respond diplomatically to.

12:26:51 AM: I had a great time at the beach with Monica and Wiley though. I really enjoyed their company, and we talked about a lot of stimulating topics. I find Monica really enjoyable to spend time with.

12:27:20 AM: Hard taijutsu class today, as I had to work with Akkis a bunch and to a lesser extent with Kosky. I received my 9th kyu certificate today, however, which I feel pretty good about.

12:27:56 AM: Had an interesting conversation with Will today about spending him some junior developers to work on projects with him. I hope to line up some work for my former students that way.