8 25 2014

12:31:18 AM: Going to sleep now, have to get up early to welcome in the new cohort.

7:05:50 AM: Dreamt that Sam sat on a couch back home in Minnesota crying, and I sat with him and comforted him with hugs and I cried a bit too because he said he felt sad because he felt my own sadness.

2:49:55 PM: So far so good as far as the day goes. Enjoyed meeting everyone from the new cohort (the mud turtles) and from the current cohort (the great horned owls) that I will teach. I only have 10 students, which I really like.

4:17:00 PM: Doing some coding, feeling okay about. Got a bit of that “overwhelmed from too much to do” feeling but I decided to just do one step at a time and make steady progress. I didn’t build my current wiki in a day so I shouldn’t expect to build the new wiki in just a few days.

7:13:05 PM: Feel really grateful for Adam Hardy and John Quigley stepping in to defend me, because honestly I felt pretty down at the barrage that Christine and Rebecca aimed at me, but I feel good because I held my ground and represented my beliefs.

8:01:07 PM: Managed to have a great conversation with Christine too. So in the end, I really emerged the victor. Lessons learned though. I think the way I handled the ALS post violated my guiding principle of minimizing interference. I should have maximized harmony instead. Ah well.

8:06:32 PM: Got my shit together so to speak. Still T-1 hour until Daria arrives, so I can still do some Matt stuff. Time to perform a Tarot ritual and determine how Daria’s luv spell will turn out. First I will do the relaxation ritual as he specified. I feel like I could benefit from having a physical copy of some of these spellbooks so that I can bookmark and refer easily. I think I will order Modern Magick on Amazon. But first a quick check on my finances.

8:28:33 PM: Did an oracle on divesting my current positions and moving everything into index funds. Received: 18 -> 26. This had the most impact on my reading “The hexagram has a threefold meaning, expressing different aspects of the concept “Holding firm."" I think I will hold firm for now, as all of my investments so far I have based on solid intuitions and my belief in a good future. I will do the Buffet strategy.

9:03:47 PM: doing the tarot contemplation for daria’s luv spell now.

9:12:06 PM: Looks like a good act of magic to perform. Unknown spiritual factors include the Hierophant and Fortune, so things will align for this. On the spiritual side it could lead to happiness and contentment. The final result showed the Empress. My unconscious desire: art. My conscious desire: the hanged man, sacrifice and the wisdom gained thereof. Practical advice: the high priestess. I will move along with this.

9:26:18 PM: Practiced koho seigan nuki and tsuki with Tenacity. Did some shizen to hicho no kamae. Did a lot of pullups today will continue to do more. I have decided that I will have cherios and milk for dinner tonight to save money and I will make soylent tonight to bring to DBC.

9:28:09 PM: Up to 4 pistols today, not bad methinks. Did a hanging man today. And a lot more pullups. I feel pretty set for today. I want to put some motivational phrases and sigils where I can see them when I do a pullup.

10:31:54 PM: Still helping Ariana with her Ruby install problem. Hopefully I got the fix this time. Very strange that her computer has these problems though. Very thoughtful of Ben to pass her along to me. Interesting to see too, Ben will probably admire me for quite a while, similar to Aditya. Aditya probably felt pretty shocked to find out that he could out code me by the time we met at hackNY, ah well.