8 26 2014

8:04:07 AM: Dreamed I was on a roof with Kevin Zhou and his girlfriend and one other person, discussing our plan for driving back to Andy’s apartment. We could go at either 5 or 6, he only had two seats so it would take a while to get everyone over there. Before that I dreamed that I drove a car all around and the police chased me and I had to stop and get out and surrender at one point but the police maybe tried to shoot me anyway even though they had already cuffed me to the ground. I remember biking with Mark and Andy through some shortcuts and secret bike paths that Mark showed us. We biked in the dark at night.

3:22:30 PM: Had a tough conversation with Daria last night. I think it had some productive effect. I admitted to her that I admired Monica and wished that I had some of that same dynamic in our own relationship, and I let her know that I’ve felt some disappointment with her during our relationship. I believe she can grow.

9:03:56 PM: Had a really easy time at work today, this cohort really makes life easy. I have to make sure I feel prepared to both give lecture tomorrow and my meditation EE. I hope to see Max tomorrow when he comes in to mentor, I think that’ll feel cool.

9:06:28 PM: Had a good class today in the park. Cameron, Kosky, Will, Anthony, and Josh all showed up. I’ve never seen that many people show up for a Tuesday class. We practiced tsuki and uke, sui no kata, gyoku-ryu ichimonji no kata, and ura gyaku. Kosky showed me some very interesting improvements with ura gyaku. I just have to stay relaxed and keep my body straight and keep pushing them off and then it becomes quite easy. I always underestimate how much Kosky can teach me because he seems quite rusty himself but he has a lot of valuable knowledge and wisdom for someone who can implement it like I can. Josh complimented me today on a circle I made during uke, which James gave me a bit of shit for. He called me a prodigy. Eh, I will just have to grin and bear through that stuff. I do hope that one day I exceed everyone in the dojo, but only so that I can teach them.

9:09:40 PM: Did a bunch of pullups and I want to practice with Tenacity still today. I made a commit today just to make sure to keep my streak going, but I think I should make a bunch more to ensure that I have something to show the owls tomorrow.