8 27 2014

8:05:05 AM: Dreamed about New York City and my coworkers. Rebecca shared a story of how a friend got to NYC late for an appointment and then went to eat at some restaurant. Ended up gaining 100 lbs after living here a year.

8:24:58 PM: Okay, so interesting day I suppose. Felt a bit tired due to the lack of sleep last night, but it feels worthy as I gave Daria quite an intense orgasm last night. Felt bad that I came first and I had to get it on for her again, so much easier when she comes first but I suppose it happens sometimes.

8:26:00 PM: Daria said she will stay at Hacker School for quite a while since she only has another day left. I have decided that I will use this matt matt time very productively to do what I need to do.

8:30:22 PM: I taught Jen some techniques with balancing her spine and posture, so I enjoyed that. I think I will teach her breathing soon. I guess only she showed up for the mini-EE today, but I don’t mind. I like Jen, I think she will go places. I like the owls a lot, I have a lot of fun working with them. I don’t have a lot to do most days now it feels like. I read a lot about astrology today. My head felt positively abuzz today while reading, I think it has a lot of interesting aspects.

8:39:07 PM: Don’t have time to waste with Josh tonight. I guess I will have more to do tomorrow because I will patrol in order to help out the Woolly Bear Caterpillars, since they feel like they don’t have enough help from teachers.

8:40:27 PM: Yeah, so I went to taijutsu and then just left because Donovan didn’t want to hold class with just the two of us and him still dressed for work, and I decided to skip the game night because I mostly just wanted to see Monica there and she couldn’t go, so I have stayed at home to get some work done.

8:42:59 PM: I think I will practice with Tenacity for a while before I continue on to doing more astrology research. I really enjoy what I’ve read so far. My biggest point of resistance: I have 6 fixed signs but I don’t consider myself a very stubborn/fixed/determined person, very interesting. But I did just recently start to integrate water into my personality, so maybe… I seem well balanced on the yin/yang line though. Just slightly more yang than yin.

9:06:05 PM: Practiced koho seigan nuki, tsuki, hicho-no-kamae. Did pullups, one set of pistols, pushups.

9:08:59 PM: Worked up quite a nice sweat today. And didn’t take too long either. Maybe I will do a round of KAP meditation now. That could feel great.

9:14:21 PM: Okay, loaded the laundry in the dryer. I think I will do KAP now. That would feel nice, and then I can get back to reading about astrology.

9:22:08 PM: Okay, made my soylent for the day. Annoyingly the pitcher has a bit of a leak but hopefully Daria will bring back the other one from Hacker School and that one should work a lot better. I will now do KAP, having taken care of my business for the day.

10:04:32 PM: Awesome KAP session today. It definitely works better when sitting straight rather than lying down. I suppose now I believe Dr. Morris when he said that for doing kundalini one must meditate sitting down. Very enjoyable. Very powerful chills when I thought about orgasm today.

10:10:06 PM: Did a bunch of code reviews today, which I feel good about. I think I will chill out for a bit and read more about astrology now.

10:48:42 PM: Cool, did the laundry. On a roll tonight. Feeling good.