8 28 2014

8:02:33 AM: Dreamed that I went home and Priscilla organized my white box of magic cards using red strips of tape to separate them by color. I didn’t have many good cards beyond the white/black deck that I had. Joshua Tien visited but I didn’t really see him much except I saw his photos from his visit on social media. I arranged to drive over to Andy’s house with my whole family. I got signed up for some kind of soccer program and had to write a check for it.

8:16:21 PM: Starting to feel pretty smart for having already begun the alchemical work of integrating planets that I have had problems with even before starting to study astrology. Feeling very interested and drawn towards astrology now. The system has so much more depth than I ever imagined, since I have only seen the caricatures of it that get published in national newspapers, and the descriptions that my father has told me. Feeling good about having started to harness Mars and Saturn as I feel they have very important aspects to bring into my life. Excited to start to analyze myself more and more.

8:17:42 PM: Today work felt good, but I felt like I didn’t get to spend enough time with the students between the lunch at Haru to send off Tanner (although I greatly enjoyed the sushi, especially the free meal aspect of the sushi since I didn’t get to bring soylent in again). Maybe I will just keep some of my soylent materials at DBC and make it for myself there. Yeah, I could keep half my stash here and half at DBC.

8:20:28 PM: Practiced koho seigan nuki and tsuki with Tenacity. Also doing some tsuki open handed, and will do some hicho no kamae and uke.

8:22:13 PM: So weird, my right leg has so much more trouble with hicho than my left.

8:44:45 PM: Conserved my energy today despite seeing some AC. Good work… Now to harness that into some KAP meditation.

9:24:47 PM: Well, didn’t get to KAP meditation yet because I went back for more. Still conserved my energy though. I feel a little unbalanced now energetically. Doing some deep breathing just now as a I did some orbits seemed to help though.

9:35:44 PM: Just did a series of pullups and pistols.