8 29 2014

7:30:04 AM: Dreamed about teaching astrology, but the details escape me. Woke up nice and early at 7:20 though, before my alarm for 7:30, so feeling good about that.

8:05:26 AM: Going to get on to work soon. I guess the staff at DBC don’t really like my L-word EE, ah well.

12:23:33 PM: Well, good day so far. Apparently Erin has mostly good feedback for me but I will still luv to see the feedback she has for me. I think I will start walking around in socks and also start sitting cross legged on the ground.

4:00:25 PM: Sitting by the window and getting some sunlight felt nice. Lectures today went smoothly enough. I feel a bit bored, maybe I will work on adding the privacy screen to my wiki.