8 30 2014

9:27:02 AM: I remember going grocery shopping, and loading my groceries into a fancy car driven by an older investment banker type. I remember staying with Kevin Zhou in this huge unfinished construction project started by a wealthy mogul. I remember Christian and Caroline, and Kevin Zhou. My dad came to pick me up from Kevin’s place at the huge construction project. One of the rooms had a huge glass ceiling that gave us an awesome view of storms. I remember watching pornography at Kevin’s during the dream, and smoking marijuana out of a paper cup. I remember looking at stocks to trade.

1:04:55 PM: Strong KAP practice again today. Broke out into a sweat while sitting still for 40 minutes, so I think that should feel like a pretty powerful sign. Saw a deep dark red while focusing on the root chakra, progress. Saw a deep orange too on the water chakra. Still no yellow from the solar chakra, but I will work on that. As always, saw a lot of green from the heart chakra, not much blue from the throat though, even though I feel the throat pretty strongly. Felt the third eye and crown strongly. A lot of energy collected at the top of my brain. Good time with the secret smile, as always. Thinking about orgasm brought the customary energy shivers throughout my body and five point breathing today felt effective.

1:06:55 PM: My mood has greatly improved. I have felt a bit sulky about Daria moving out, but I think that I should just get over it and help her have a great time at Columbia.

1:07:36 PM: Interesting, with the privacy shortcut I guess I need to save and restore the view when it comes back, because everything loses focus and the scrollheight gets fucked. I will make that fix today to keep my github streak going. I think that Daria will come home soon, I wonder what we will do for lunch.

5:43:02 PM: While we drifted off to sleep after coming home after dropping off Daria’s stuff at Columbia I dreamed about a beautiful woman who studied Taijutsu who told me about how she had a talent for taijutsu and that Hatsumi very quickly came to compliment her, telling her that the best taijutsu happens when no one sees.

8:23:13 PM: Practiced koho seigan nuki and tsuki with Tenacity.

8:23:24 PM: Still processing that amazing natal chart reading I received. Really amazing. So many dead on hits, the whole thing resonated super hard.