8 31 2014

10:04:05 AM: Dreamed about dad driving me over to Andy’s parents’ house to return some mail, some sheet music printed out on the printer. Some bands decided to change the music despite explicit instructions from the writer and performer of the original music (who professed a roman catholic faith) that it shouldn’t get changed, but several bands did so anyway. I wanted to hang out with Andy. Dad and I talked about whether people did their homework while drunk. I had anxiety about dad driving, as usual. He knocked over a bicycle in a garage while driving and we had a hard time picking up Mark. In an earlier part of a dream I remember playing magic cards with Mark and Andy.

5:39:39 PM: Well. It has happened. Kitkat and Daria now reside at Columbia. In some sense they have left my life, in another sense I still feel a deep connection to them. I feel sad, and yet happy for them. I hope them all the best. Going to clean up the apartment a bit before Aaron comes over.

6:41:01 PM: Several koho seigan nuki.

8:29:34 PM: Investigative game journalism.

10:22:47 PM: Showed Aaron some martial arts and encouraged him to look into the dojo. I think he could enjoy it a lot. So I need to prepare for bed pretty soon, but I think I enjoyed this.

12:28:33 AM: Good KAP session although it put my legs to sleep so I think next time I will sit in a chair instead of cross legged, but I do feel like sitting the way I did felt like good exercise for my back and the rest of my body. Strong energy shivers today, some more success with seeing colors. Basically did five point breathing from the beginning when the orbits began rather than waiting for his cue to begin. So far, good day. Had a nice conversation with Daria and with my family tonight, so I enjoyed catching up with people. Hoping to have sexual intercourse with Daria tomorrow, so I have decided to avoid other activities in prepartion for that. Huh, my wiki just started to act very strange. Not really sure what just happened there. It switched me randomly to the astrology page and claimed that I didn’t log in. It seems to do some strange behavior from time to time. I think I will do a lot more writing in the coming days when I have the privacy screen setup in my journal. I could start writing some fiction and some rituals to perform. Like the luv spell for Daria and later on a luv spell for me. Time for bed now, good day. I will wake up without an alarm tomorrow.