8 4 2014

2:57:13 PM: Wow, so much to write about. I haven’t written in several days, and I regret that because I have a lot to record. A lot of thoughts going through my head lately, and I still feel really divided about my future. I think I need to do some consultation and figure out what to do. Fortunately I still have a few weeks to make up my mind. I have to figure out what I will really do with my NT time. I have come up with a lot of ideas but I don’t know how many of them I actually can accomplish or will want to accomplish. Also I want to figure out with Sam which of us will actually act as the cohort lead for the mud turtles if I do stay. Today I think I will make it a high priority to prepare for my Genius interview tomorrow. I have started to notice some maybe glitches with the way autosave works, so I might need to hunt those down, but I haven’t noticed it too much recently.

2:57:15 PM: I went in for introductions and then immediately left after that, because I felt like I didn’t really have my group of people to hang with anymore. Felt pretty out of place there, to speak honestly.